Strange slots that will certainly make you think twice

Way back when if you wanted to spin the reels online you would only have half a dozen games to choose from. As times have changed the selection of online slot games has only gone on to grow. A quick visit to will give you proof that it’s no probem whatsoever finding an online casino with up to 1000 different slots titles in its game arsenal. While most of these games tick some or all of the boxes, others are a little more questionable. Some truly weird online slot games have emerged recently, leaving many players scratching their heads. If you are on the look out for slot games that are ‘unique’ in premise, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the following names next time you visit an online casino.

Judge Judy

There have been some truly generation defining TV shows released over the years; sadly Judge Judy isn’t one of them. Widely considered a daytime TV classic, but one that has certainly exited the public eye over the past few years. You aren’t likely to come across new episodes of this courtroom based reality show anytime soon, but that fact hasn’t stopped an online casino adaptation being made. In what makes for a truly bizarre reel spinning experience, Judge Judy takes players directly into the courtroom. ‘Plead Your Case’, ‘Make The Call’, and ‘Spin For Justice’ are amongst the game options provided, which sums up the bizarre nature of the game. It’s a fun TV show for sure, but Judge Judy simply makes for an odd online casino game playing experience.

Village People Party

There are some truly legendary musical acts other there, but the Village People certainly isn’t one of them. I can’t even fathom a guess as to why anyone in their right mind would think that this band from the 1970s and 1980s would make for perfect online slot game inspiration. While the premise is bizarre and tends to fall flat more often than not if you like disco hits such as ‘In the Navy’ and ‘Y.M.C.A’ then this could be a game that you might find interesting. Blaring colour and a ‘camp’ design, Village People Party is a game that will live long in the memory, but whether that is a good thing or not remains to be seen.

Cash ‘n’ Curry

Questionable to say the very the least, Cash ‘n’ Curry is game that has quickly sunk to the bottom of the online casino pile. What has proved so odd about this game is that its theme has practically zero connection to the world of online casino gaming. I, much like many others, can’t really grasp why there should be a connection between curries and casino slot games. It plays like a classic pub fruit machine, but that is as far as familiarities go. Featuring chillies, limes, and poppadums, if you like your online slot games with a food based flavour, for unexplainable reasons this game could be to your tastes.

Hoff Mania

It seems that Australia have a lot of love for David Hasselhoff. In fact, they love him so much that they have even created an online slot game in his honour. Based off of his various TV personas, Hoff Mania is an online slot game that will appease fans of the Knight Rider and Baywatch star but few others. Odd and somewhat entertaining, Hoff Mania is a game that will certainly leave you with more questions than answers.

Where can I play these slots?

The above mentioned slots are available at many UK casinos, but you shouldn’t just go anywhere and play them. The best thing to do is to find a casino with a good bonus offer, that lets you try the games out for free. is our preferred choice for a good no deposit bonus hunt, as they have a big list of all the available bonuses in the UK at the moment. There you can also read casino reviews which will tell you what games the different casinos are offering.

Which developers provide software to ComeOn Casino?

Throughout the EU there is one online casino that is commanding more online casino portal attention than any other in 2015. ComeOn Casino is a brand that has come out of nowhere to emerge as a serious contender for the online the industry crown. Taking a no prisoners approach to development, the casino has become a player’s favourite in a variety of different ways. Breaking down the reason as to why ComeOn Casino has become a household name isn’t difficult, as the game collection made available immediately jumps out as a shining light. Working with several key industry names, the following looks at the developers that provide ComeOn Casino with games and software.


The Isle of Man may not be region known for much, but it is the home of Microgaming, one of the biggest online casino software developers in the world. When ComeOn Casino decided to work with Microgaming they certainly put their best foot forward. Standing at the very top of the industry, the developer has worked since 1994 to build a product catalogue that generally delivers across the board. Featuring over 800 different casino games, including slots, poker, blackjack, and bingo game variations, the level of content provided to ComeOn Casino through Microgaming is simply out of this world.


Going toe-to-toe with Microgaming for the development crown is NetEnt, a premium software developer that ComeOn Casino proudly features within its ranks. Digitally distributing games to all for corners of the world, it is clear that ComeOn Casino put a lot of faith in NetEnt and it are justly rewarded for that. The platform they’ve created, while not as large as Microgaming’s, still delivers a serious selection of over 200 games. Known for their five-star entertainment value, each game that emerges from the NetEnt studio seems to have its finger firmly on the pulse of what is relevant. Committed to creating games that both astound and amaze, NetEnt has worked wonders when it comes to keeping ComeOn Casino feeling fresh and vibrant.

It’s worth mentioning that ComeOn Casino has reached the top 5 in MrCasinon’s recommendations of NetEnt casinos, which should give you an idea of just how popular this brand is becoming in Europe, and Scandinavia in particular.


They certainly can’t rival Microgaming and NetEnt in size, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a key contributor to the ComeOn Casino game catalogue. Priding themselves on being reliable, innovative, and most importantly efficient, GamesOS have thrown several key names into the melting pot that have certainly improved the ComeOn Casino playing experience. Through wide selection of online casino games, mobile casino games, and mini-games, GamesOS are a casino software developer that are making their presence felt in 2015 through operators such as ComeOn Casino.


Established back in 2001, RabCat are an operator that has remained under the online casino portal radar for the best part of 15 years. Now making their name more prominent by providing games to the like of ComeOn Casino, RabCat are putting their experience to work. Internationally renowned, their software range is vast to say the very least. Video poker, classic slots, table games, and video slots are all developed and released under the RabCat banner. Giving ComeOn Casino a distinct independent flavour, the selection of RabCat games available are not to be missed.

Collective Action

Why work with one online casino software developer when you can work with four. ComeOn Casino makes sure that players aren’t left wanting and it certainly shows within the game selection they provide.

Blackjack variations you should know about

Barely a day goes by where we’re not playing the game of 21, given that this is the case we consider ourselves to be somewhat close of experts when it comes to playing. Today we will be looking at the differences between game variations related to the number of decks in play and common game payouts.

American and European Blackjack Variations

Online blackjack comes in two different forms, both European and American styles. The key to becoming a notable online blackjack player is understanding the differences between the two and figuring out which one suits your playing needs. Not just different in name the games truly differ in nature two with regards to everything from house edge to the number of decks utilised. Those who have online blackjack success in their crosshairs need to pay very close attention to the following. Generally, European Blackjack is considered the favorite amongst serious Blackjack players, as the game offers better odds. At you can find other articles that goes into depth about the difference between these two game variations.

Multi-Deck Play

The hard truth of the situation is that the more decks involved in a game, the higher the house edge will be. Reason being that it can make card counting much tougher, as there are more cards “in-play” as it were. This also means that blackjack is harder to come by and doubling down becomes a weakened action. Generally players will find that European blackjack utilises two decks during a game, with American blackjack featuring four, five, six, seven, or eight decks depending on where you play. What this should tell you is pretty obvious, European blackjack carries a lower house edge and far less rules that are to the detriment of the player. While American blackjack can sure provide an entertaining playing experience, it doesn’t carry anywhere near as favourable odds as European blackjack.

Related Payouts

When you play American blackjack the payout for blackjack usually comes in at 3/2, meaning that should you win through a £10 bet you can expect to receive £25 back. At European blackjack you’ll find that the payout is the same, but there does seem to be a shift towards 2/1 payouts occurring in the industry. You may also find that some online casino operators tweak the odds of a game depending on the success (or lack thereof) of a table, so a 6/5 payout rate isn’t an uncommon find. Those looking for up to the minute payout rate information should make sure that they are a member of a reliable casino.

Take Your Pick

There you have it, as the above has now detailed what you can expect when you play either American blackjack or European blackjack. You can read even more about these two variations at, which has several guides for Blackjack. In terms of gameplay, there is very little difference between the two, however the same can’t be said for the intricacies within the games. You’ll find that of the two games, European roulette tends to be the most rewarding as it has a lower house edge, smaller number of decks, and more favourable payouts. However, you shouldn’t discount American blackjack, as if you are player looking for an additional challenge that is where you are likely to find it.