Blackjack variations you should know about

Barely a day goes by where we’re not playing the game of 21, given that this is the case we consider ourselves to be somewhat close of experts when it comes to playing. Today we will be looking at the differences between game variations related to the number of decks in play and common game payouts.

American and European Blackjack Variations

Online blackjack comes in two different forms, both European and American styles. The key to becoming a notable online blackjack player is understanding the differences between the two and figuring out which one suits your playing needs. Not just different in name the games truly differ in nature two with regards to everything from house edge to the number of decks utilised. Those who have online blackjack success in their crosshairs need to pay very close attention to the following. Generally, European Blackjack is considered the favorite amongst serious Blackjack players, as the game offers better odds. At you can find other articles that goes into depth about the difference between these two game variations.

Multi-Deck Play

The hard truth of the situation is that the more decks involved in a game, the higher the house edge will be. Reason being that it can make card counting much tougher, as there are more cards “in-play” as it were. This also means that blackjack is harder to come by and doubling down becomes a weakened action. Generally players will find that European blackjack utilises two decks during a game, with American blackjack featuring four, five, six, seven, or eight decks depending on where you play. What this should tell you is pretty obvious, European blackjack carries a lower house edge and far less rules that are to the detriment of the player. While American blackjack can sure provide an entertaining playing experience, it doesn’t carry anywhere near as favourable odds as European blackjack.

Related Payouts

When you play American blackjack the payout for blackjack usually comes in at 3/2, meaning that should you win through a £10 bet you can expect to receive £25 back. At European blackjack you’ll find that the payout is the same, but there does seem to be a shift towards 2/1 payouts occurring in the industry. You may also find that some online casino operators tweak the odds of a game depending on the success (or lack thereof) of a table, so a 6/5 payout rate isn’t an uncommon find. Those looking for up to the minute payout rate information should make sure that they are a member of a reliable casino.

Take Your Pick

There you have it, as the above has now detailed what you can expect when you play either American blackjack or European blackjack. You can read even more about these two variations at, which has several guides for Blackjack. In terms of gameplay, there is very little difference between the two, however the same can’t be said for the intricacies within the games. You’ll find that of the two games, European roulette tends to be the most rewarding as it has a lower house edge, smaller number of decks, and more favourable payouts. However, you shouldn’t discount American blackjack, as if you are player looking for an additional challenge that is where you are likely to find it.

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